What is Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is yoga that’s been adapted to help alleviate and manage specific health challenges. It’s suitable for any level of experience. Many people worry that yoga therapy will involve contortions of some sort – this isn’t the case at all!

Yoga Therapy is different to the group classes and one-to-one yoga you may have previously done; it involves a tailored approach to your specific health challenge and will help you manage your condition, reduce symptoms, feel more balanced and energetic and boost your mental health.


Is Yoga Therapy for me?

Yoga Therapy can help with a broad range of health challenges. These include chronic fatigue (ME) and chronic pain (fibromyalgia), depression/anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions, migraines/headaches, back and shoulder pain, cardio-vascular and respiratory conditions, emotional issues and longstanding injuries. If you’re unsure, ask me and we can talk about how yoga therapy could help you manage your condition.

I love Yoga Therapy because it’s complementary and can be used in conjunction with any conventional treatment prescribed by a doctor. In all but the most extreme cases, Yoga Therapy can only help enhance conventional treatment and works well alongside physiotherapy and drug treatments.

What does a Yoga Therapy session involve?

We can do your Yoga Therapy session at my house in Surrey or in your home. Some people feel most comfortable knowing they have a companion close by for the first few sessions, which I am more than happy with. Let me know at the time of booking so I can make sure there is space for them in my studio.

Your Yoga Therapy session will start with a chat as we talk through your health challenges. I will need to assess your physical condition which may involve a small amount of hands-on work.

The physical side of Yoga Therapy is always gentle. Again, I may need to get hands-on so you understand which parts of your body should be doing the work.

Your Yoga Therapy will include daily home practice between sessions, and I will give you a list of exercises to complete.

Yoga Therapy sessions are typically once a week or once a fortnight. Each session will involve physical practice and a chat about how you’re getting on. I’ll review your practice and if necessary, change your exercises according to your needs.


How should I prepare for a Yoga Therapy session?

Make sure you’re comfortable! You don’t need the latest sports gear but should wear clothes you can move freely and confidently in. Avoid eating a heavy meal in the hour before your session. Some people like to bring a bottle of water to sip through the class, but as the Yoga Therapy sessions are not energetic this is down to your personal preference and not a necessity. Bring a yoga mat if you have one, otherwise I can supply one for the session.

How much does a Yoga Therapy session cost?

You can see my Yoga Therapy prices here.

Interested in learning more about Yoga Therapy? Get in touch to learn more or book a session.

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